Redditdash game box

Redditdash Rules

Redditdash is a great game to play if you feel like sharing interesting stories and writing good comments. And if you have a huge vocabulary you might score very well.

Setting Up

Each player is given a username that they place on the login page on the board.


Everyone takes turns becoming the poster. The poster draws 1 card from the deck which has different posts and comments for those posts. Then she rolls a dice to see which post will be played.

If she rolls a 2 the second post is played, if she rolls a 5 the fifth post is played.

The poster calls out the post that is being played, but doesn't say the comment.

All other players then try to write a comment for the post.

In most cases no one knows what the post actual comment is so you just want to write as good a guess as possible. Everyone puts their initials in the space marked name and turns in their comment.

While they are doing that the poster writes down the correct comment on her sheet and puts the card back.

Getting Karma

When all the comments are given to the poster she reads them. Everyone can upvote which one they believe is the right comment.

Then the points are given as follows.

Winning Redditdash

You get to move 1 space for every one karma you get. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

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