literary cat names.txt

Great Catspectations. By Charles Catkens.
Also, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat.
This cat show looks like so much fun!
The Caterbury Tales (all the pilgrims are cats).
I think that Great Catspectations is just about those times (one of of which, for me, was this cat show) when you expect that you're going to get a cat.
You have a cat his name is Tenzing don't let him hear you say that!
Also, The Bluest Cat.
The Da Vinci Cat
those times are the worst of times. Me seeing my cat again will be the best of times.
The Unbearable Heaviness of My Cat
Moby Cat
Catcher in the Rye
Le Cat
oh and of course Catch-22
Lady Windermere's Cat
The Old Man and the Cat
For Cats the Bell Tolls
Ender's Cat
Th Cat Giver
The 5 Cats You Meet in Heaven
The Lord of the Cats
Morte d'Chat
Catlas Shrugged
I think we're making much ado about cats. Perhaps what we need to discuss is the importance of being a cat.
A Farewell to Cats
Twenty Thousand Cats Under the Sea
King Henry the Cat Part I
King Henry the Cat Part II
Jurassic Cat
On Feline Bondage
The House of Seven Cats
and of course, The Scarlet Cat
The Cats of Wrath
I, Catbot
Cat Lost
Cat Farm
Brave New Cat
The Trial and Death of Some Kitties
Mrs. Frisbee and the Cats of NIMH
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cat
The Mixed Up Cats of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
A Catwork Orange
My Side of the Cat
Farenheit Cat
Fahrenheit Fur Fifty One
2000 Cats: A Space Odyssey
To Kill a Whiskerbird
Meowntains Beyond Meowntains
The Call of Cathulhu
A Litter Box of One's Own by Virginia Lyynx
Amendment: The Old Man and the Cats, An Autobiography
Cat for Chocolate
Little Cats [also accept Little Kittens]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cat
... wow I have no words..... well okay I got two:
Catty Pawter
Le Petit Cat
Charlotte's Cat
Where the Wild Cats Are
The Art of Computer Purrgramming
The Cat Whisperer
Clifford the Big Red Cat
Real cat sir? Have a good day sir.
A Brief History of Cats by Stephen Pawking
America Is in the Cat by Catlos Bulosan
Meine Katze
The Communist Meownifesto.
David, i thought of the same one "where the wild cats are" and was going to write it but noticed you already had before put it down. weird. sibs think alike i guess...or apparently that was our favorite childhood story.
so, i will try for something new:
Goodnight, Cat.
Snow Cat and the Seven Kittens.
Cats & Sensibility
Hairy Purrter
The Hand-mades Tail
Kitten Soup for the Soul... (maybe of the devil)
Cat's Cradle
The Color of Cat
Holy shit this has gone on way farther than I could have imagined.
The Dog in the Hat
The Holy Catle
*Holy cat
Cat Moon
Anna Catrenina
Cativer Twist
Breaking Cat
Catline or TimeCat
Catership Down
Catromeda Strain
Puuuride and Purrrejudice
Catsfield Park
Northcater Abbey
Cat-Life: Source
and the Tail of Two Kitties